Run SciDB community edition on Docker

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Run SciDB 18.1 CE with shim and plugins on Docker

docker run -it                          \
           --detach                     \
           -p 8080:8080                 \
           -v ~/scratch:/scratch/       \
           rvernica/scidb:18.1-ext /bin/bash

The above command will do the following:

  1. Run SciDB CE on any OS (Mac / Windows / Unix) that has Docker running on it
  2. Detach the process so that it continues to run in the background
  3. Expose port 8080 so that one can connect from an external R / Python process to SciDB shim
  4. Mount local directory ~/scratch/ as /scratch

Attach to running container

# Find the container ID 
docker ps
# CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                     COMMAND                  ...
# ee1cbc462a0d        rvernica/scidb:18.1-ext   "/docker-entrypoint.…"   ...

# Attach to it
docker exec -i -t  ee1cbc462a0d /bin/bash

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